Rurimeria Hill forms one of the towering peak of the Aberdares. The Hill stands tall at 12,670 ft which makes its higher than Elephant hill and only 200 feet of the famous Kinangop. 
No first time hikers allowed. 
 (Credits:- Munyaka, Photo by Jojobett's Journey)

** Mandatory for the Rwenzori participants.

Dress code:-
- Casual slacks or cargo pants
- Comfy hiking shoes (No doll Shoes, No shorts)
- Carry an extra T-Shirt (Always)

*** This could be a "Muddy Affair"

- The meeting time will not be flexible. 4:30 am sharp, and depart promptly right after.

What to carry:-
- A medium backpack to carry your lunch and snacks.
- Packed lunch and something extra to share with our guards and guides
- A jacket or something warm for the cold morning and evening
- Rain gear or water proof gear just in-case.
- Hat / cap for sun protection
- Headlamp
- Flashlight
- Snacks, energy bars etc. 
- Sun screen
- Camera
- Plenty of water 2 -3 ltrs.

Cost :-
- Round trip transport
- Water 1 ltr
- Park fees
- Armed guards (2)
- Citizens (To be posted)
*E.A residents (To be posted)
*Non - Citizens, Park fees (To be posted)

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