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"HYDRO" challenge - Trail Run & MTB at Masinga Dam July 28th. 2019

Duncan Kiema 06.17.2018

Welcome to the "HYDRO " challengeTrail Run & MTB...

Elephant Hill Hike August 3rd - Mt Kenya / Kilimanjaro prep

Duncan Kiema 06.17.2015

The Elephant Hill on the southern end of the...

Kenton & Nathan's Hills - Mt Kenya / Kilimanjaro preps

Duncan Kiema 06.17.2015

Kenton and Nathan’s Hills are part of a series...

Mt. Kilimanjaro "Marangu" - September 15th. 2019

Duncan Kiema 06.17.2015

Up via Marangu Down via Marango route

Source of the Nile Trail Run and MTB Challenge Sep. 22nd 2019.

Duncan Kiema 06.17.2018

Welcome to the 3rd Source of the Nile Trail Run...

South West Odyssey, Beyond Victoria Falls Dec. 19th. Jan 5th. 2019

Duncan Kiema 06.17.2015

South West and beyond. The Victoria Falls...

Table Mountain Hike, Mt Kilimanjaro prep

Duncan Kiema 06.17.2018

Table Mountain Hike Aberdares.  

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