Explore The Unknown


Participants generally will engage in different multi-sport activities, collect different items around the course, and complete various challenges to achieve the overall objectives.

Teams of 4:
Three key events:
1. Ngalawa Race
2. Jet Ski Competition
3. Boat Building Challenge

This event is a perfect mix of the thrill of speed combined with a great work out.

1. Jet Ski Competition - Raydon Watersports Bringing a little speed to the ocean, this competition will see
teams compete as individuals on these machine powered watercraft.
2. Ngalawa Race The ngalawa is a traditional, double-outrigger canoe of the swahili people, usually about 5 - 6 m long and has two outriggers, a centrally placed mast and a single triangular sail. It is usually used for short distance transport of goods or people as well as coastal fishing. In the Ngalawa race teams will have a chance to experience some of the unique coastal culture, albeit
with a bit of adrenaline added to the mix.
3. Boat Challenge Creativity, team work, determination and an adventurous spirit; these will be the key
ingredients required to complete this task.... success on the ocean will be the goal.
4. Tuk Tuk/ Trekking /Running Participants will be able to enjoy the full beauty of the indigenous forest, vivid bird life, flora and fauna around Diani as they discover the best means to navigate Explore route.
5. Treasure Hunt: Teams will have a chance to discover some of Diani’s finest treasures and learn a little about the local traditions as they scout the Diani area for various clues and hidden prizes.
Others Camel race
6. Sport Fishing: The winners of EXPLORE Diani will get to experience the wonderful waters of the
Indian Ocean on a half day Sport fishing excursion on White Dove, courtesy of Reel Fishing.

Post event activities: Wind down the active day at a Swahili BBQ on the Safari Beach Hotel beach lawn. Indulge in some of the local delicacies and enjoy some traditional coastal entertainment.
Price:- (This is not included in the event package)

How to Play
• Players are generally organized in teams of four.
• Each team may be required to use a vehicle, bicycles, motorcycles, travel on foot, horse back, camel, donkey carts, canoes, rafts, boats, ziplines, aircrafts etc — depending on the scope of the race itself.
• Players may be required to use maps or GPS devices to navigate the race course.
• Players may also be required to use a digital device or a camera to record certain of the tasks completed or for identification of items required to complete certain tasks.
• Players earn “points” for each task completed within a certain timeframe. Prizes are awarded to the team with the highest score, shortest route taken, most creative team etc.
EXPLORE events are team based and require that participants work together as a team to conquer and complete the required tasks. These tasks may feature some or all of the following:- 
Outdoor survival tasks, fitness challenges, tasks specific to the location, adventure activities and conservation based activities.

Fun Tasks- fill ins
As these are also fun events; there will be a selection of Fun activities that participants will engage in to fill in time between tasks.

These may for example feature;
A) Interaction with strangers
B) Interaction with other teams
C) Individual challenges that push you beyond your comfort zone
D) Mental challenges

*Basic budget package, cost KSh. 12,800 
Suitable for only those that are interesed in the sporting event and can handle a semi luxury backpacking experience.
- Event entry charges 
- Return transport (Overnight Bus / SGR) 
- Accommodation (dorms Max cap. 8)
- Showers
- Wi-Fi 
- Swimming
- Meals are a la carte (approx 6 meals @ KSh. 500) 
- Transfers and venues access via Ferry / TUK TUK / Taxi
Property will not be beach front, but only 6 minute walk to Diani Beach. 

Travel dates 
Outbound October 19th. 9:30 pm
Inbound October 22nd. 9:30 am SGR 
Inbound October 22nd. 10:00 am Day bus

Early reservations a must

***All reservations require a minimum deposit of KSh. 5,000 by September 20th. 20

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